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Concertino - Op. 2


Valery Zhelobinsky


Concertino, Op. 2

  1. Allegro (m.m. 116)

  2. Andante (m.m. 84)

  3. Allegretto Moderato


Two pianos (one solo, one accompanying)

Excerpt from the autograph manuscript, beginning of 1st mvmt. Obtained with cooperation of the State Archives in St. Petersburg: 

Date Information:

No date is specified in the autograph score. If the archives are correct that his Symphony No. 1 is indeed Op. 3 and dates from 1928, it is safe to assume this work being Op. 2 would date from around the same time, the late 1920's.

Published Editions:

No professionally published editions exist (or so it is assumed). The score is currently being typeset by the site owner Chris Mansi, with as minimal editing as possible, to as closely match the autograph as is feasible. It will be uploaded for access as soon as it has been fully typeset.


Whether or not this work is actually playable is a matter of debate. While still in the very early stages of examining the score, it does gives signs of possibly being a purely "theoretical" work. The accompanying piano is presented with very un-pianistic writing - very thick textures, awkward voicings, and a highly chromatic text which is a much more forward-looking than the majority of his later compositional output. It would be extremely difficult to memorize or sight-read. The solo part is of even greater difficulty - and the provided metronome markings would frankly be nearly impossible to perform at, even by the greatest pianists alive today. Additionally, while the two pianos each make sense on their own, upon being layered together as intended it almost sounds as if the two parts clash with each other - as if it was never actually heard in full performance by the composer. As the score is better typeset, time will tell whether or not the music is playable. The autograph score was obtained with the assistance of the State Archives in St. Petersburg  ( and can be requested for personal study and use. Please visit the autograph scores page for more information.

Notable Performances: 

No performances are known.

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