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Twenty-Four Preludes - Op. 20 


Twenty Four Preludes, Op. 20


Solo piano

Date Information:

First published in USSR in 1934 (Triton Edition).

Published Editions:

Various individual preludes have been included within sheet music compilation books, see for example: Catalog record from Russian State Library, five preludes included in set.

Prelude No. 3 in C# Major, taken from the 1934 Triton (USSR) Edition


Ostensibly the first of Zhelobinsky's instrumental compositions to see active publication, as no published editions have been located which would predate this set of preludes (though autographs of earlier scores do exist).

Notable Performances:

World premiere recording by the excellent pianist Jeroen Riemsdijk:
Twenty Four Preludes Streaming on SoundCloud

Twenty Four Preludes available for purchase (Please support this excellent pianist! Jeroen's work is invaluable!)

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