Mourning Song (траурная песня) for Cello and Piano, Op. 27(bis) No. 7


Valery Zhelobinsky


Mourning Song (траурная песня), Op. 27 No. 7


Cello and piano

Date Information:

1934 is the year specified in the autograph manuscript, no published edition is known.

Published Editions:

No professionally published editions exist. The score has been typeset by the site owner Chris Mansi, with as minimal editing as possible, to as closely match the autograph as is feasible.


Above: Typeset/Edited opening to the Mourning Song

Below: Excerpt from the autograph manuscript from which the edited version was produced. Obtained with cooperation of the State Archives in St. Petersburg: 

This score seems to raise more questions than it answers. There is an already existing Op. 27,

which is scored for solo piano, written in 1935, professionally published in 1936. It is unclear whether or not this alternate Op. 27 was ultimately discarded, or if it was assigned a different opus number at a later time. Also unknown is what became of the first six pieces in the set, and whether or not they are for the same instrumentation (cello and piano). The autograph score was obtained with the assistance of the State Archives in St. Petersburg ( and can be requested for personal study and use. Please visit the autograph scores page for more information.

Notable Performances:

None - Unperformed