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Six Short Etudes - Op. 19 


Valery Zhelobinsky


Six Short Etudes, Op. 19:

  1. Toccata

  2. Nocturne

  3. Waltz

  4. Reminiscence

  5. Dance

  6. Recitative


Solo piano

Date Information:

Etude No. 1, Toccata, Taken from the 1946 Leeds (USA) Edition

Composed in 1933, first published in USSR in 1936 (Triton Edition), per Ernő Balogh's introduction to the 1946 USA Leeds Edition.

Published Editions:

While not his first published score (the 24 Preludes Op. 20 were first published in 1934), the Six Short Etudes Op. 19 are ostensibly the earliest of his published compositions, as they were composed in 1933 and no earlier published editions have been found of any of his prior compositions.

Notable Performances:

- First performed in the United States by famed pianist Vladimir Horowitz, included on concert recitals between 1939 - 1941, after which the Etudes were dropped from his repertoire. No known recordings.
- Oscar Levant, Nos. 1+2, 1942 for Columbia Records. Click for link to recording.
- Raymond Lewenthal, No. 1, 1956 for Westminster Records. Click for link to recording.

- Arthur MacKenzie, Nos. 1+2, 1974, for Westminster Records. Click for link to album information on Discogs.

Additional Recordings:
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