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String Quartet in E Minor, Op. 42


Valery Zhelobinsky


String Quartet in E Minor, Op. 42


String quartet

Date Information:

According to the online catalog the library of the Moscow Conservatory, 1943.

Published Editions:

The library at the Moscow Conservatory appears to hold an autograph score, but I cannot tell from their entry whether or not a published edition is also held. No published editions have been located at any other libraries or for sale (yet).


One of many planned projects is to reach out to the Moscow Conservatory to see if a copy of the autograph could be provided, or to see if any published editions are held. If this occurs, this page will be updated with more information.

Notable Performances:

Rehearsed privately by the Beethoven String Quartet once, on November 28, 1943. No public performance or recording appears to have occurred.

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