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Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 27


Valery Zhelobinsky


Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 27:

  1. Caprice (A Minor)

  2. Song (D Minor)

  3. Pastorale (B Major)


Solo piano

Date Information:

Composed in 1935, first published in 1936, per the 1936 Muzgiz (USSR) edition.

Published Editions:

No. 1, "Caprice," taken from the 1936 Muzgiz (USSR) Edition


The "Op. 27" designation conflicts with an autograph manuscript found at the state archives in St. Petersburg, for a "Mourning Song" (траурная песня) for cello and piano, labeled Op. 27 No. 7, and given a date of 1934. For more information, see the Mourning Song's information page.

Notable Performances:

The second piece, a song in D Minor, has been recorded by the site owner Chris Mansi (see Soundcloud player above, or use this link to view on YouTube), but otherwise the set is unperformed.

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