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Violin Concerto - Op. 25


Valery Zhelobinsky


Violin Concerto, Op. 25

  1. Fantasy - Allegro Moderato

  2. Intermezzo - Andante Sostenuto

  3. Finale - Presto


Presumably violin and orchestra, as the state archives in St. Petersburg claim to have autographs of orchestral parts. The commonly seen edition is arranged for violin and piano.


Beginning of Mvmt. 1 - Fantasy, from the 1937(?) Muzgiz edition, arranged for piano and violin solo.

Date Information:

Composed in 1934, potentially going into 1935 (per archives listing and Muzgiz score).

Published Editions:

The St. Petersburg archives list having a copy which includes orchestral parts:

When the score is eventually (hopefully) obtained, this page will be updated with any relevant information regarding the full orchestral scoring.

Notable Performances:

1941 - David Sackson (violin) and Eugene Helmer (piano) - The Town Hall, New York City. Possibly the U.S. premiere performance.
1946 - Leonid Bolotine (violin) - The Town Hall, New York City.
No known recordings of the work exist.

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